The future wonderful to the children of Nepal

About Us

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The use of solar energy by converting it into electricity have significant positive impact on the livelihood.
As a result, there has been wide scale use of solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity in the household level as well.
Electricity is not only that we purchase from utility, but you can become the electricity producer by installing solar PV system and fulfill your daily energy requirement.
We aim to make your life comfortable and live smart by using solar PV electricity.
Leading towards the bright future of Nepalese Children.


Company Overview

Representative director Chiranjibi Thapa,
Address Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 32, Anamnagar.
Company establishment June 2, 2013
Capital 20 million yen
Business contents
  • (1) Business of Photovoltaic system ( Off Grid and On Grid System)
  • (2) Business of Battery, Generator, Power Conditioner and other equipment
  • (3) Business of Equipment related to natural and renewable energy generation
Main business partner

Company history

2013 June we established our company in Katmandu.
December Inauguration of opening by Honorable Chief Guest Dr. Ram Saran Mahat, His Excellency Japanese Ambassador Mr. Masashi Ogawa and more in Presence of 400 distinguished guests.
2014 January We begin application such as the permission for business starts.
March Mr. Chiranjibi Thapa, nominated representative director

Organizational chart